Govenda by Boardbookit

Govenda by Boardbookit and Alternatives Comparison

Board portals are a modern way to provide your board with a streamlined preparation and meeting process. Paperwork, mandatory live meetings, and time-consuming preparations are all a thing of the past because with these solutions you can save a ton of time on many routine processes. The demand for board portals is growing, which means the supply is also growing, the market for these technological solutions is crowded with different vendors, and so you can figure out which tool is best for you, we suggest taking a look at govenda by boardbookit and its capabilities.

Govenda by Boardbookit – A brief introduction

Boardbookit is a leader in board meeting software. After rebranding the company to Govenda, the new name and brand provides customers with a broader selection of corporate governance tools. The vendor’s main goal is to improve its board portal product to the point of being able to manage board relationships and comply with all requirements. The features included in Govend’s feature list have been carefully tailored to the rapidly changing business environment and market requirements. In this way, the provider is trying to show that their solution will try to always stay relevant, develop and add new features. The updated board portal system is focused on the needs of the customer and can provide a high-performance board as required. Boards of all industries and sizes will be able to take advantage of portal benefits such as integrations, new ways to collect data and generate reports, improved communication, and more.

Govenda – board voting software new product suite

The relationship and communication between board members, the CEO, and the board chair is extremely important. Govenda is this board portal that can optimize and improve this relationship, with easy and secure shared access to the necessary materials, reports, and communication tools. Govenda ensures that all board members have been informed, can communicate freely in a secure space, and their engagement in the discussion increases by an order of magnitude.

After the rebranding, Govenda can provide the following state-of-the-art solutions:

  • Provide all the necessary conditions for comfortable and secure data collection, as well as space for reporting, and corporate governance of the UGC. This platform can be integrated into your existing whiteboard portal, or used as an independent application
  • Better ability to manage corporate issues, provide process transparency and smooth communication between board members
  • Enhanced board management offering to meet your customers’ needs
  • Access control and detailed permissions -Space administrators are empowered to control the level of document activity for each user, increasing the privacy of your data
  • Calendar management -Set automatic reminders to turn in tasks or upcoming meetings
  • eSignature -even the most demanding responsibilities can now be done remotely, legally, and securely
  • Suitable for non-profit organizations
  • Minutes Management -The ability to create, save and store meeting minutes without any risk. You can also edit the contents of the minutes at any time
  • Surveys and voting -increases board member engagement, saves meeting time and can be anonymous.

Govenda pros and cons – customer reviews

Based on our study of customer feedback, we have compiled and summarized the main pros and cons of the Govenda portal. So, the pros of the program include:

  • Comfortable centralized space
  • Excellent tools for organizing and managing the board, attendance accounting, user deactivation, and more
  • Qualitative mobile applications
  • Excellent agenda management features
  • High security during data sharing and document collaboration


  • No integration with the Microsoft software suite
  • Lack of calendar feature

But also, users note that all bugs and claims are very quickly fixed or the provider offers an alternative way out, which is very liked by customers.