How to Get a Meeting With a CEO

How to Get a Meeting With a CEO

A meeting with the CEO of another company is a necessary step that a company must take when looking and wanting to close a deal. To leave a good impression, you need to know how to behave properly, where to start, and what to include in your conversation. Following our tips on how to get a meeting with a CEO will make setting up a meeting a lot easier than you think, and it works for CEOs of small businesses and CEOs of large organizations alike.

Act bolder and be more decisive.

Most people mistakenly think that if you contact middle managers first, send them an email or physical letter, that’s how you show your respect and decorum. To some extent, this may be true, but in that case, you will have to wait a very long time for a response. Contact the CEO of the company directly, it will take determination and due diligence, but this way you can guarantee attention in your direction.

One-on-one with CEO – preliminary preparation

Making a call to the head of a company thoughtlessly and without any preparation may forever close the door for you to partner with this company, you need to think of the following three points to be prepared for this conversation:

  • Start with proper small talk

This may be difficult for some people to have, but it can set the right tone for the conversation and improve your relationship. In this way, the CEO of the other company can learn more about you and your company and you about him. You can start this conversation with a casual question about his day, plans, and so on.

  • Consider in advance and write down your questions somewhere

You only get one chance to get the CEO’s attention, so you can’t let this conversation go quickly because of your lack of prepared questions. Meetings are needed to clarify each party’s goals and motive, so preparing the right questions is a very important consideration. Having clear questions will also show the CEO that you are serious about the matter and that you value his time.

  • Search additional information about the CEO’s activities

Having a basic knowledge of the company and its operations is not enough to impress the CEO. You also need to research additional information about what the company’s CEO is all about. Refer to articles, interviews, or their LinkedIn profile to learn as much as you can. With this information, you will also feel more confident and maintain a high level of conversation.

Other helpful tips 

  • Send an agenda in advance

An agenda ensures that both parties are available and willing to take the time to have your conversation. Also, a detailed agenda can help the negotiation process go smoothly, without hiccups or pauses. It’s important to know how to create a proper agenda because this will help you better understand the purpose of your meeting and the right topics for discussion, which will allow you to form the following action steps.

  • Share data and proposals

Offering your ideas, or taking an interest in someone else’s opinion, is a great way to keep the conversation productive and active. However, it’s also important here not to overdo it and overload the person with too much information.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

Asking the CEO of another company is also a great way to get valuable insights. Ask them to share their experience with you on this or that issue, and you’ll see that they will willingly help you, and you’ll get a great mini-consultation in return and fill the gaps in your knowledge.